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Highest Scoring Block Couples Of All Time!

Each week on The Block the teams fight it out to impress the judges, in hope of winning the weekly $10k prize to put towards their ever-decreasing budgets. But until now, we have had no idea who the highest scoring Block couple of all time is. Unsurprisingly, two teams from the current season made an appearance in the countdown as well as some from many seasons ago. Read on to see who took the top prize.

5- Caro and Kingi from The Blocktagon 2015

Caro and Kingi sure were the fan-favourites of The Blocktagon as they impressed the judges with Kingi's top-notch rendering skills which they featured throughout their Scandustrial (scandi industrial) South Yarra apartment. The Townsville-twosome came third at auction and walked away with a whopping $405k. Their apartment was purchased by a well-known QLD hospital charity and was part of a lotto giveaway. It was then sold again after that for $1.722mil.

Bedhead perfection!!

4- Karlie and Will from The Block 2016

Karlie and Will came last in the very first challenge of The Block 2016, landing them with the ground floor apartment by default. Although their first choice would have been the penthouse, they ended up with something that no other couple had, a backyard. Through consistently delivering their self-invented style 'in-deco', they won over the judges and the buyers. They end up winning The Block 2016 with a massive profit of $815k.

3- Michael and Carlene from The Block Glasshouse
Michael and Carlene were one of the favourites to win The Block Glasshouse series from the very start. Having always scored well with the judges throughout the series, it was believed that auction night would be a success. They walked away with a measly $10k but landed a gig on Reno Rumble shortly afterward.

2- Ronnie and Georgia from The Block Elsternwick
With 12 renovations already under their belt,  Ronnie and Georgia thrived under the pressures of The Block. In only the second week they had already broken the record of the amount of time taken to complete a room, having almost 24hrs to spare. Though it was their style that brought them apart from the other competitors. This helped them break another Block record, the most amount of rooms won on any series of The Block ever.

1- Josh and Elyse from The Block Elsternwick
And in first place for the highest scoring Block couple of all time is... Josh and Elyse! Their Elsternwick beauty won the series and was a favourite to win the series from the start, creating a fierce rivalry between them and Ronnie and Georgia. They walked away with a neat $547k profit and comedian Dave Hughes was then the proud owner.

That concludes this countdown! For more updates on The Block and the current season at the Gatwick,  follow our Instagram @theblockinatorblog
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