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The Blocktagon set to be a ratings winner!

Channel 9 are planning for The Blocktagon to be a total ratings winner. So are Channel 7, so much that they have cancelled House Rules 2nd season for this year. Mr Ross confirmed this by saying that The Block would inevitably be competing with House Rules in the 7:30 pm timeslot. Also on the axe from Channel 7 was Million Dollar Minute.

Join The Forum Now!

The Blockinator Forum is a great way for all Blockheads to express all their feelings, even about other TV shows.  Address:

The Blocktagon starts on September 6!

The Herald Sun recently revealed that The Blocktagon will start on September 6. Keep renovating Blockheads.

Clueless couple conspiracy!!

Recently Producers of the The Block revealed there sudden change in casting. Their change was they would have only clueless couples instead of Tradie couples. But they said that before they announced the couples. Now that all the couples have been announced' people have been left wondering where that casting change would come in. 4 out of 5 couples have at least 1 tradie contestant in their team. Some trade professions include Electrician, Renderer, carpenter and heaps more.

Official contestants revealed..

Channel 9 have officially revealed all the contestants for The Blocktagon. As suspected Ebony and Luke are back along with 4 other couples including Dean and Shay, Andrew and Whitney, Suzi and Voni and Kingi and Caro. Below are pics of all the couples..

Mister Zen interior revealed..

Thanks to catodea on Instagram for revealing the interior of Mister Zen (The Block Cafe).

The Block Cafe not open to public!

It is in all disappointment That I have to inform you that The Block Cafe will not be open to the public. The cafe is only open to trades, contestants and camera crew. The cafe was named Mister Zen. On an unrelated note, the ground landscaping/facade has been finished.