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Showing posts from September, 2015

Moodboard Wednesday!

The Blocktagon is all about interior design so we introduce Moodboard Wednesday. Every second week we have a new Moodboard. This weeks theme is Copper Crush.

Mister Zen Opened for business!

The Mister Zen official Instagram page revealed official Mister Zen Floorplans and I that the cafe is currently opening.

A new renovation show set to come to Channel 9 next year.

Channel 9 have announced a new renovation show that is set to hit screens next year. They are currently taking applications. Scott Cam is believed to be the host as he is featured all over the applications page. The filiming time will be from December to January, 1 month shorter than The Block.

Hotel Saville topples!

The Block have advertised one side of the building toppling down. As a result the site was deemed 'unsafe' forcing everyone to move out of The Block until further notice.

Luke and Ebony's Guest Bedroom gets redone.

Luke and Ebony have teased a blurry shot of their redone guest bedroom. Last night Luke and Ebony's room came last against the so far undefeated Dean and Shay. Their pressed tin feature was labelled by Neale 'Uptight' and by Shelley 'tacky'. Those words influenced their decision to get rid of it in he redone version. A non-blurry version of the room will be revealed in weeks to come.

Suzi gets booted off The Block..

On tonight's episode of The Blocktagon Suzi gets booted. Rumours have surfaced that Whitney and Suzi have an argument which may be connected to this incident.

The Block Cafe plans to be open to public!

Mister Zen located at the ground floor level of The Blocktagon is planned to be open to the public. Channel 9 have put up applications to be a Chef at Mister Zen. 

Life after The Blocktagon!

Whitney from The Blocktagon now has a job. She now works as beauty therapist at Lash and Brow Boudior. Lash and Brow Boudior is located on Church Street, Richmond.

The Block future demolished.

Today Channel 9 announced that 2 seasons per year will become one and whether they actually play The Block in 2016 is dependent on ratings of The Blocktagon. So please tell everyone you know to watch it so that we can keep enjoying our favourite TV show..