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The Blockinator Expansion!

Recently we have had many enquiries of expanding to other social media platforms. So we would like to ask you what your thoughts are. Would you like to see us on Instagram? Would you like to see us on Facebook or any other platform. Please use the comment section below or the poll in the top corner of the page.

Reno Rumble Starting February

On Instagram @ingaejabaralandscapes edited their profile biography as they are featured in Reno Rumble. Their biography says 'Lanscaper for Josh and Charlotte, Sky News and Reno Rumble coming in February.

The Block in Final Negotiations on Property!!

On Wednesday Frank Valentic, told the Daily Mail that The Block are in final negotiations on a property in South Melbourne despite earlier saying that they are going to Greville Street Prahran. He also said that if they get this property filming will begin around the middle of the year and the auctions will happen towards the end of the year like the latest season. He mentioned that they will definitely be doing an apartment block as opposed to house stating that it is too difficult to secure 4-5 townhouses directly next door to each other. In addition to that he also said that they will be casting less-experienced couples. The show has seen South Melbourne before when they renovated The Biz Motel in Park St. If you have seen a site you would like to see renovated please comment the address and we will share.

Reno Rumble Yarraville Bathroom Revealed!!!

Thankyou to @Matil on Instagram for revealing a pic of a Reno Rumble Yarraville bathroom. Alexander provides us with lots of info regarding unrevealed rooms and information.

The 15 Highest Scoring Block Couples!

15. Alisa And Lysandra- Fans V FavesThis Dynamic Duo were favourites to win The Block Sky High but luck was not on their side the second time around. Even though they came second their upstairs bathroom was labelled as 'try-hard' by highly opinionated judge Shaynna Blaze.
14. Madi and Jarrod- Sky HighBefore splitting up Madi and Jarrod scored the lowest out of every team on Sky High. Despite that they 2nd and made only $4000 less than the winning couple, Alisa and Lysandra.

13. Dean and Shay- Blocktagon
Right from the get-go Dean and Shay were the team to beat on The Blocktagon. They scored the penthouse in the first challenge and never looked back.They decided to be the only team to change the architects plans and swap the kitchen and living room and that benefited them at auction with them taking the lead by $15,000 from Luke and Ebony.

12. Trixie and Johnno- Sky High

Despite winning the penthouse in the first challenge, Trixie and Johnno failed to impress the judges weekly whi…

The Block 2016 in Greville Street Prahran!!

Recently on Frank Valentic's  [Buyers Advocate on The Block] Twitter he featured a chat about The Block. He mentioned his company, Advantage Property Consulting, his outcome on The Block and a general drama wrap. Featured in his drama wrap was talk about Whitney and Andy's break up, Suzi's prize money controversy and last but not least 2016 season of The Block.  "There are rumours of The Block buying a property in Greville Street, Prahran." Funnily enough he is the only one that has heard this rumour. Given that he is a featured Buyers Advocate and Block Insider, I believe that it is safe to say that THE BLOCK IS GOING TO GREVILLE STREET!!!