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Showing posts from October, 2015

The Block renewed for 2016!

While Channel 9 are announcing their lineup for 2016, The Block has been renewed for 2016. Julian Cress vowed that if ratings were not good enough they would cancel it for good but he has been proven wrong. This new season has been labelled "supercharged" . Reno Rumble has also been renewed for another season next year.

Reno Rumble renewed for 2016!

A supercharged Reno Rumble is set to premier on our screens next year. This is supposedly the new renovation show Channel Nine announced in September.

Luke and Ebony's Kitchen and Dining room revealed

Personally this right room looks really boring, it all monochrome. But the judges may say otherwise?

Caro and Kingi's Kitchen revealed

Moodboard Wednesday: Pendant Lights

EDIT: Due to publishing issues this was not published on Wednesday as planned.