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Dee and Darren in The Block Triple Threat

Dee and Darren won the block triple threat challenge and will be going through to face the newbies at the South Yarra Unit Block .

Keith's Contact

Apparently everyone who goes to the block triple threat gets Keith's Phone Number. I have read this on a forum. Please don't give me bad reviews if you go there and don't get the phone .

The Block Triple Threat is COMING SOON

The block triple threat has been discovered by me as the 10th season of the block. The location is @ 27 Darling Street in South Yarra. The building has been painted red to make it look like it is not a block renovation site. I got to meet all the couples. The couples this year are Darren and Dee, Bec and George, Matt and Kim and Some other new couples. Keith is back but with an unexpected sidekick, Dan Reilly from a few seasons back. If you live in Melbourne then go down and see them they will be filming till late December.