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The Spheres Make Sense Now...

A lot of people have recently been asking "Whats with the spheres out the front of The Blocktagon?' Rest assured, we now have an answer. The spheres have been placed in 3x3 array outside Mister Zen. Channel 9 must have decided that the buildings they renovate need some sort of history behind who made them and when they were made. With this in mind they placed the spheres after themselves. Because the Ch9 consists of the 9 dots in a 3x3 array which is exactly what they have done here.

Recognise the view?!?

We are looking for well travelled Melburnians to lead us to the new Block. This photo was taken by Block production crew member Matil. Many say it was taken in Collingwood. But we need street names to be able to determine the location.

Reno Rumble West Footscray Finished!

With another house finished, Reno Rumble are now on the move. By Bruno Studio on Instagram have posted a finished shot of the Reno Rumble West Footscray house.

Reno Rumble 2016 in West Footscray!

Thanks to multiple Instagram users we have pics of the houses used in Reno Rumble. One house is in West Footscray and the other locations remain unknown. The users who posted this are being contacted for contestants sighted. Who would you like to see on Reno Rumble? Do you know who is on this season? Use the comment section to express your opinion.

Retailer Spotlight: Lightly Design

Lightly Design in Collingwood specialise in everything natural such as products made from black volcanic sand, brass, copper, porcelain, soapstone, marble and new metals.

Tim and Anastasia to appear on Reno Rumble!

Yesterday on Tim and Anastasia's official Instagram page they teased a picture of a key. But not just any old key.. A Mitre 10 key. Last season, Mitre 10 sponsored Reno a Rumble. So this could mean that Tim and Anastasia's are appearing on Reno Rumble.

Retailer Spotlight: Norsu Interiors

Norsu Interiors sell everything Scandi. Recently they opened their very own Art Lab. After checking out their selections, I can safely say that I would not go anywhere else to signature Scandinavian style prints.


Whose Room Could It Be?

The Blockinator's Interior Inspiration!


Without no more Block for the rest of the year I thought it would be a good idea to ask what you would like. Absolutely anything is accepted. Also comment on this post to see The Blockinator Blog on Instagram.

The Block 2016 in Melbourne!!

Channel 9 has today confirmed that The Block 2016 will take place in Melbourne. There are rumours that it will be in either Prahran, Collingwood or Port Melbourne. They described the series to be a 'cracker'.

Auction Prices LEAKED!

Thanks to many sources we now know a rough idea of who has won The Blocktagon.. It is believed that 2 two couples were left devastated. Turn away now if you would like to keep it a surprise! 
L1- 1.7 Million L2 - Unknown L3- Unknown L4- Unknown L5- Lots more than Caro and Kingi
Honestly, I believe that Suzi and Vonni and Whitney and Andrew were left very upset even though various buyers advocates vowed that they would have buyers for both. Dean and Shay's reserve was 2 Mil and presumably sold well over that. Scott Cam released information during in interview on Sunday that Dean and Shay's hard work has payed off possibly hinting that Dean and Shay take out the The Blocktagon. But I guess we will have to wait and see until Wednesday. Keep Renovating Blockheads.

The Blockinator Blog expansion!!

Ever since I started The Blockinator Blog I have been overwhelmed with support and good opportunities for blog posts. Due to that success I believe that it is time we expand to more platforms for our loyal and dedicated fans. So please comment or like this post if you would like to see The Blockinator Blog on Instagram. 5 COMMENTS/LIKES will get us on on Instagram. Keep building Blockheads🔨🔧

Rooftop Terrace revealed!

Today was open for inspections and I have great pics to share of the rooftop terrace.

The Blocktagon open its doors to the public

Recently I have gone to The Blocktagon's open for inspection.

Ebony and Luke's terrace revealed!

Suzi and Vonni's Terrace Revealed!

Dean and Shay's finished living room revealed!

Wednesday Moodboard: Tan

The Blocktagon Magazine found!

While scouring newsagents I have found The Blocktagon Magazine!

The Block renewed for 2016!

While Channel 9 are announcing their lineup for 2016, The Block has been renewed for 2016. Julian Cress vowed that if ratings were not good enough they would cancel it for good but he has been proven wrong. This new season has been labelled "supercharged" . Reno Rumble has also been renewed for another season next year.

Reno Rumble renewed for 2016!

A supercharged Reno Rumble is set to premier on our screens next year. This is supposedly the new renovation show Channel Nine announced in September.

Luke and Ebony's Kitchen and Dining room revealed

Personally this right room looks really boring, it all monochrome. But the judges may say otherwise?

Caro and Kingi's Kitchen revealed

Moodboard Wednesday: Pendant Lights

EDIT: Due to publishing issues this was not published on Wednesday as planned.

Moodboard Wednesday!

The Blocktagon is all about interior design so we introduce Moodboard Wednesday. Every second week we have a new Moodboard. This weeks theme is Copper Crush.

Mister Zen Opened for business!

The Mister Zen official Instagram page revealed official Mister Zen Floorplans and I that the cafe is currently opening.

A new renovation show set to come to Channel 9 next year.

Channel 9 have announced a new renovation show that is set to hit screens next year. They are currently taking applications. Scott Cam is believed to be the host as he is featured all over the applications page. The filiming time will be from December to January, 1 month shorter than The Block.

Hotel Saville topples!

The Block have advertised one side of the building toppling down. As a result the site was deemed 'unsafe' forcing everyone to move out of The Block until further notice.