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Showing posts from June, 2015

The Block 2016 Could Possibly Take Place in Tootgarook!

The Block has just been rumoured to be heading to the quiet town of Tootgarook. I know the area quite well as we go there for Christmas. But it is not the only Show rumoured to be heading to the Mornington Peninsula, House Rules has also targeted the Mornington Peninsula.

Colin an Justin are guest judges.

Filming this week is based on Colin and Justin. The duo are from Britain and are guest judges on a challenge.

Luke and Ebony are back!

Tonight this was confirmed by Biggin and Scott Richmond who were talking floor plans with them. This is really believable because in past post that had leaked some contestant names we saw a glimpse of the word Luke but not Ebony. If you know any information please discuss on the forum.

Reno rumble Room Leaked.

Thanks to House Spotting we now know that this is Carly and Leighton's bathroom on the upcoming room reveal.

Who is She?

This possible contestant was snapped by a shop owner at there shop. If you know anything please take to the forum to discuss.