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The Block Auction Tommorow Night!

Who will win The Block Triple threat leave your prediction in the comment section.

T & A Retreat area Leaked!

Darren and Dees Terrace revealed!

Ayden and Jess Win Kitchen Week

Ayden and Jess took the win this week with their kitchen.

T and A stairwell!

Ayden and Jess' Study and Storage Space!

A Sneak Peek of J & Cs Study!

Darren and Dees Study And StairWell!

D & D's Entrace Revealed!

Ayden And Jess' Kitchen Leaked!

Tim and Anastasia's Kitchen Leaked!

Ayden and Jess' Kitchen Leaked

Unknown Block Kitchen Leaked.

Sorry guys I actually don't know who'skitchen this is but someone took a pic of it today on open for inspections.

Ayden and Jess' Stairs and Terrace Leaked!

This here is Ayden and Jess' Stairs and part of the terrace.

Darren and Dees Kitchen And Terrace Leaked!

Today is open for inspections day at the block and some lucky people have been let into the apartments early. This is Darren and Dees Kitchen and Terrace

Season 11 is at Hotel Saville!

The Block has been confirmed to be taking place soon at Hotel Saville in South Yarra. The Stonnington City Council confirmed that by putting this notice outside of the hotel. Sorry about the graffiti by the way.