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Reno Rumble: East V West

Recently on the Reno Rumble Instagram, they posted this picture of Reno Rumble: East V West. It is assumed they will announce the teams soon. EDIT The first team has been announced. Dane and Leanne will be competing on the West team.

Reno Rumble Group Shot!

It seems as though S2 Reno Rumble will feature completely new teams. Elevate Building Group who have heavily featured in Reno Rumble, posted a group shot confirming the end of production. For the past couple of weeks Reno rumble have been filiming in Bendigo. In this shot we noticed 2 familiar faces. The winners of The Blocktagon, Shay and Dean, were spotted in this pic and have been posing for pics for the last 2 weeks.


The Block 2016 Property leaked!!

Recently, SMH, released an article with info of The Block buying property a Port Melbourne. 164 Ingles Street, is heritable listed which will be a nightmare for contestants. The Block's Producers bought the property for $5 million. Prior to this, the factory produced soap. What are your thoughts on this building.

The Block has bought their Property

During this week The Block began casting for the 2016 season. Which confirms they have finalised a property. Where the property is has not yet been confirmed, which begins the long guessing game of where it is located. First reports said Greville Street, then South Melbourne. If you know anywhere that comprises of-Floor Area of 1500-3000sqm2 -Multi-Storey, up to 9 storeys
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