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The Block have applied for a Restaurant/Liquor License...

On the 1st of July Watercress Productions applied for a planning permit for a Restaurant and Liquor License.

The Block spotted in Geelong..

The Block are doing a challenge in Geelong today. People have spotted the Cam Van and more recently this. Someone was buying pots.

Two contestants snapped at Cafe Number 12!

Cafe Number 12 has recently snapped two contestants and 2 camera crew together at their cafe.

End of work on The Blocktagon?

Dan Reilly may have just confirmed that tommorow (18/07/15) may be the last day of works on The Blocktagon. He confirmed this through his Instagram account.
Edit: Information has now proved they are only halfway through filiming.

The Block Season 11 is titled The Blocktagon

Although rumours of the season being titled otherwise it has now been proven by me that it is now titled The Blocktagon. Jamie Platt for some unknown reasons has this ( Below) up on their website. Please discuss your thought on the title in the forum. I have also found a LinkedIn Account stating they are one of the editors.

New Buyers Advocate?

Recent tweets from Frank Valentic (Buyers Advocate) suggest The Block have hired a new buyers advocate. She is currently an editor of Domain. Her name is Alice Stolz.


Recently images have surfaced of the floor plans for the next season.