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Venetian Plaster in Your Home!

In case you haven't already heard, Venetian Plaster is well and truly back. Whether the walls be internal or external, there is something for everyone. From kitchen Laminate Benchtops to Flooring, to existing tiled bathroom walls and kitchen splash backs, from fireplace features to external feature walls there really isn’t anywhere you couldn't use Venetian Plaster for.

GIORGIO GRAESAN AUSTRALIA is an Australian based company who imports the finest of Venetian Plaster directly from Italy. Giorgio Graesan Australia works very closely with high end Architects and Designers, home renovators and Businesses Australia-Wide. They have Australia’s largest network of experienced and trained Artisans who can make your wildest dreams come true, taking your spaces to the next level.

Istinto Pietra Levigata – as seen in Tess and Luke’s charcoal fireplace & charcoal bathroom feature wall. As well Champagne feature wall in Matt and El’ise’s Formal Lounge RevealThis finish creates the effect of a real polished stone with some added texture. It is a part of the Istinto range and is ideal as a background to enhance luxurious features. The beauty of Giorgio Graesan is that it is the only application globally to be able to achieve going straight over existing tiles if you are renovating. Suggested areas for this finish are walls supporting stairwells, modern living areas, corridors, wet areas such as bathroom and shower, splash back and for big areas.

 Istinto Pietra Spaccata – as seen in Matt and El’ise Bathroom is a combination of Istinto product made from crushed selected carrara marble and finished with iridescent glaze Mother of Pearl. It can be applied in wet areas when it is sealed with "Vetro" (sealer). Great for Carrara Marble lovers, Istinto has the ability to create the marvellous look of the original Carrara Marble with the added benefit of a seamless finish and consistent running veins through the walls.  Giorgio Graesan have 160 colours available in this finish.

Award winning, Design influence and the number one in bespoke finishes globally, Giorgio Graesan Venetian Plaster is made from crushed marble and timed lime. The products themselves actually date back over 49 years.
Worried about maintenance and cleaning? The household cleaning products used for bathrooms are perfectly safe for cleaning, having been tested with cleaning products such as Windex, Exit Mold & Pino-Clean as well as   Giorgio Graesan's Latte Detergent.


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